Sandiaga Uno to Evaluate Conduct of Miss Universe Indonesia Following Alleged Sexual Harassment Case

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno said he would continue to monitor the alleged sexual harassment case at Miss Universe Indonesia. The ministry would also ensure that it would not affect the country’s tourism campaign. 

“We will keep monitoring it as it has been handled legally. We must respect the legal process,” Sandiaga said in Solo on Friday, August 11, 2023.

As widely reported, the beauty pageant finalists reported allegations of sexual harassment during body checks by members of the pageant’s committee.

Sandiaga said that Indonesia must maintain its good image in the international community, as it has become the center of world tourist destinations. “The top-of-mind destination [for tourists to visit] is Bali,” he said.

According to Sandiaga, it is not easy to build a good image of tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic. He did not want the image the government was trying to maintain to be tarnished by the case of alleged sexual harassment.

“Sexual harassment cannot be tolerated. We have to make sure that everything goes according to the law,” Sandiaga stressed.

In response, he said the ministry would launch an evaluation of the conduct of the beauty pageant. “The event has ended and we will evaluate it later.”

Sandiaga Uno also said that he had deployed a team to monitor, investigate, and supervise the case, “because we consider the tourism ambassadors and members [of Miss Universe Indonesia] throughout the archipelago to be part of the campaign of tourism and creative economy products.”

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